Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

Story of The Stingy Father

One day, a stingy father takes a vacation with his dear son. His son want ride the helicopter. Initially the father does not agree because they had to pay but when he heard what the pilot has said, he got interested.

“You must paid $100 for one ride, if you speak even one word when we up there, you must pay a fine for $500. However, if you succeed not speak even one word, I will pay you $1000. Got it?”. After they have agreed, that helicopter bringing up them flies to the sky. The pilot drives that heli with maneuvers way and turns up and down in the sky. Until they were landing, that pilot talk with the stingy father. “Geesshh.. You are great man. You didn’t speak anything at all when I fly that maneuver.

That stingy father answered, “Actually, I want to say something to you when we up before, but I afraid if I got pay a fine…”

“Okay...what do you want to say sir?” Ask the pilot

“My son is falling down”

4 komentar:

irvan mengatakan...

“My son is falling down”
sadis amat

BeeMouNTaiN mengatakan...

mau komentar panjang takut di denda 500$..hmmm mending diem ah biar dapet 100) $ wakakakkk

BeeMouNTaiN mengatakan...

ada award tuh di blogku, di ambil ya

genial mengatakan...

wewww.. uda jd apaan dund tu si anak waktu selesai ceritanya ke pilot?!??!? hehehhe..