Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

Fast Info

Shark Fin

Shark fin almost being a favorite menu at the seafood restaurant. However, do you have any ideas how to get that fin? The shark hunter slice that fin when the shark still alive. Moreover, they just dumped that shark back to the sea. As the consequence many shark dies because of starving or drowning. In order to survival, shark must keep on moving and keep their balance with they fin beside the water can passing through the fin to get oxygen. This case has causing 10 million shark die slowly in every years. Tragic isn't it.

Banana For The Brain

For all the fruits, just banana
containing B6 vitamin or the high of pyroxene. This vitamin has functioned as co-enzyme in protein metabolism, especially serotonin; act as neurotransmitter and help to 'smooth' brain function. Moreover, fructoses in banana have a low glikemik index. It’s means not just good for the muscle activities but its enough for the brain especially for the recall. However, not every banana is good for the brain. Pick the ripe bananas. Cause the unripe bananas just causing your stomachache.

Phase 2 For Diet

Woman always scared if they body get fat. So they step away to consume carbohydrate food. But, carbohydrate is important thing for our body to do activity. Pssst... Don’t worry, there is new formula was called phase 2 that containing bean extract such as white kidney bean and phaseolus vulgaris. Phase 2 worked to pursuing carbohydrate absorption until 66% and effectively to help to losing weight body. Not just for that, phase 2 can losing your waist circumference more optimal.

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Andie Gokil mengatakan...

ga ngerti bahsanya bos,
ngerti sih ngerti
tapi anak Indonesia nih.

cuma pengen bilang,
kalo ada posting baru di blogkuu.
koment yak.


Kifni mengatakan...

nice info ai...
shark fin?wowww....
you like banana?

mydewiku mengatakan...

wah aku belum nyoba makan hiu, jadi belum tahu rasanya, temen-temen yang lain udah pada nyoba katanya enak...kalo pisang aku suka banget..yummy..

devianty mengatakan...

mampir liat ikan hui nih, benerkan shark artinya hiu...heheheheh...takut salah...aku belum mau diet, malahan lagi program penggemukan, mampir ke tempatku yah...

dewi mengatakan...

nice post..aku sukanya banana, katanya banyak vitaminnya yah...sukses terus...