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How To Get A Beuty Hair

Ok...let we start about Hair

You know, almost woman love about silky hair, long hair (if you prefer the short one its never mind :P), strong and healthy hair. Its so upset everytime you find your hair at your comb. So many hair falls on the floor. Oh no... You will get bold if your hair falls like this everytime you brush your hair.

Let see... what make our hair become 'sick' like that. You must to know what the main problem is first.
1. Use Hair Dryer
Hair dryer its the fasten way to dry your wet hair. You just come out from the bathroom with your wet hairs and just turn on the hair dryer and... Voilaaaa. just 5-10 minute you get your hair completely dry and ready to use (lol sengihnampakgigi). But, every instant way have a bad effects. If you use hair dryer so often or almost every day, your hair will become VERY-VERY DRY, crush and... dry

2. Colouring Your Hair
Nowadays, many teenager (even old people) that love to colouring they hair. Its very fun to see your hair with different colour. Red, blue, brown, hazzelnute and so many beautiful colours that you can pick it. But, the chemicals of the colouring products will make your hair damage, dry, and brittle.

3. Hair Extension
If you want get a long hair but dont wanna to wait to grow your hair long enough. So u decide to use the hair extension and Voilaaaa (again) you got the beautiful long hair that you has dreaming about. But if you use for the long term, your originally hair will become frizzy, damaged and maybe you will got the dandruff. Euuwww...

So what is solution for that problem.

Here the tips:

Make sure your hair is clean from the dust or any dirty things. Use the perfect shampoo to washing your hair.
a. Dry Hair
If your hair is dry, split, frizzy, and rough, use the shampoo that containing more conditioner and nutrition. Its must have a smooth formula and contain the natural ingredient such as almond oil, honey, chamomile oil, or olive oil. And you must apply conditioner for your hair. And dont forget to pick consentrated conditioner. More your hair is damaged more you use the intensif care for your hair.

b. Oily Hair
If your hair is oily type, your hair felt so sticky, soaking wet, and... oily of course :sweaty:
Pick the formula which is can slean that oil on your skin head. And use the natural formula and avoid use the hard chemicals cause it will make your oil gland more active to produce oil and will make your hair more oily. For the conditioner, pick the less containing of oil. such us clarifying shampoo, shampoo with extract mint or lemon its an ideal choice for the oily hair.

c. For Damaged hair because Colouring, Rebounding or Smoothing

For this case, you must more becarefull to choose the hair product. Choose the product that can to protect the clour of hair and repair the damaged. Use the shampoo specifically for the coluring hair, rebounding or smoothing hair. It must containing UV filter to avoid that hair colour is faded. And shampoo must have a rich nutrition to repair the damaged that caused by the chemicals products. Beside use the conditioner, use the hair mask once a week.

d. Dandruff hair

For the dandruff hair you must pick the shampoo and the serum for anti dandruff. This products will cleaning your skin head more effective. And some shampoo containing special ingredients like ketoconazole. It can preventing the spora growth which is caused the dandruff problem and to normalize PH skin head

e. For lossing and fragile hair
Use shampoo anti lossing hair and dont forget use the hair tonic to strengthten your hair. And use hair mask or conditioner that made of ginseng.

One more thing, you can use this natural ingridients for your hair problem is

1. You can use the milk squeezed from coconut, egg (use the yellow only), avocado, and olive oil for the damaged hair, dry, fragile, and split hair.choose one from that productsor combine them

2. For the oily hair and dandruff hair, use aloe vera, lemon, and mint.

3. for the frizzy and rough hair, starwberry or egg will make your hair more silky.

4. Ginseng and aloe vera to make your hair strength, healthy and grow fast.

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